About Ian Mausner

Ian Mausner
Ian Mausner is an incredibly versatile and multi-faceted personality.

Ian has two children, ages 25and 22, and is devoted and close to both. When he is not running his businesses, doing philanthropy or spending time with his children, Ian makes sure to exercise, especially by swimming and doing Bikram Yoga, following his goal of being healthy and active. Ian is also very passionate about traveling, film and learning Argentine Tango.

Eager to share what he knows and to be of assistance to anyone in need that might benefit from his knowledge, Ian is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and other publications and has had numerous interviews in publications and on radio and TV shows (see his website www.2ndchanceatromance.com).


Apart from these seasoned businesses, Ian believes that seizing new opportunities created by new technologies and products is essential, and so he also offers long-term strategic consulting for start-ups through his company Sunshine LLC., he runs The Cryptocurrency Growth Fund and he is a partner in the Vertical Opportunity Cannabis Fund.