Ian Mausner – Best Tips to Ensure Your Takeout Food Is Safe amid COVID-19

Ian Mausner amid the corona crisis, lockdown, and social distancing, many restaurants are providing food menu for takeout delivery. This has been observed based on government guidelines. While you are working from home, you do not feel like cooking, but order food from restaurants. It is also the best way to support local businesses in these troubled times. Ian Mausner is a busy professional and sometimes, orders restaurant food after a busy workday.

Many people may think that outside food is unsafe. Yes, true, but if you observe the safety precautions, you can enjoy delicious food without worrying. Here are some of the best tips to ensure your takeout food is safe to eat:

Ian Mausner wants you to keep checks on your exposure

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, reduce the time as well as interactions while picking your food order at the bistro or restaurant. Try to buy food that has minimum handling. For instance, salads, call for much washing, cutting, assembly, and preparing. Avoid these kinds of foods from outside. You can always prepare green salad or chicken or shrimp salad at home.

More food handling means more chances of contamination from viruses and germs. Therefore, eat smart and stay safe.

Ian Mausner Ensure your trip to the restaurant is short

You should order from a restaurant that is close to your home if you are picking your food yourself. Try to reduce the time between food pickup and finally, when you eat. Eat your food the time you step into your house to avoid contamination. If you have leftovers, refrigerate it right away. Ian Mausner orders safely and eats quickly to stay safe while ordering outside food.   

Maintain personal hygiene

Before you eat your food, wash your hands with soap and water for 20 minutes. Use a hand sanitizer too. Try to eat with a sanitized spoon and fork instead of using your hands. Keep all plates, bowls, and other utensils clean and hygienic. Use sanitizers.

After eating, wash all plates, spoons, and forks with soap and water or some cleaning solution. Replace napkins and towels daily. Use separate plates and spoons when you are eating with others.

Keep edibles of different temperatures separate

Make sure you keep hot foods warm and cold foods cold. Request the restaurant to pack keep hot and cold foods separately. For instance, if you are ordering hot pizzas, ask the restaurant to pack the cold mousse separately. If you need to travel more than 30 minutes, carry a couple of insulated coolers for maintaining the right food temperatures. Though coolers keep food cold, they could be used to keep edibles warm.

Keep leftovers in airtight containers

Yes, keep leftover food in airtight containers with proper labels, and write the date. Depending on what type of food it is, you can eat it for 2-3 days. Do not eat leftovers after three days. All these may sound a little hassling, but you need to ensure your health and wellness amid the pandemic when ordering outside food.


Eat safe and healthy if you eat restaurant food for a couple of days when you have no time to cook at home. Then, eat home-cooked meals most of the days to stay safe.

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