The process of applying for Ian Mausner Grant

Ian Mausner is a celebrated individual related to child charities and also other philanthropic activities. He is a proud member of promises2kids and an Advisory Board member to Voices for Children. Also, he is a board member of the San Diego new Children’s Museum. He started his career as a CEO of JS Oliver Capital management. He remained in the position till 2015.

Before he started his firm, he worked with Kidder Peabody, Morgan Stanley, and also Montgomery Securities from 1985 until 2004. He is a visionary and pragmatic personality with higher aspirations of building a better world. The mission of his life is to help the unfortunate, distressed and underprivileged people. In this regard, his focus on the welfare of children is of at most significant. He has won lots of accolades for his charitable works related to social service and kids’ interests. He instituted the prestigious Ian Mausner Grant for helping children to take care of their financial burden. He awards it to the most deserving candidate in terms of academic brilliance.

A useful guide to Ian Mausner Grant application

He has dedicatedly worked in the field of divorce and relationship consultant through this establishment. When coming to his scholarship, there are particular vital points to keep in mind while you apply for it:

  • The Ian Mausner Grant started with a generous amount of 1000 US dollars for the most deserving and also talented applicant. It plans to give away 50,000 US dollars of education grants to academically brilliant students pursuing higher education. The applicant has to write a compact and original essay on the topic that is what the best enterprise idea is?
  • Along with the essay, the applicant has to give accurate information via email at The evaluation of the article will decide the winner. The candidate may have a high school scholar degree currently registered in an accredited and also reputed college, University, or institution.
  • The deadline for submission is 1stOctober, 2021. The final winner, announcement, will be done on 15thOctober, 2021. A formal email will go to the candidate to announce the winners.

While applying for the grant, you have to give the following information: –

• First name and last name

• Contact number

• Email address

• Mailing address

• Scholar at a registered or accredited Institute

• Graduation

•Enrollment at registered or accredited Institute, University, and also college

• Your current GPA.

Keep in mind that the grant selection process is a strict one based on the applicant’s information. Academic record, along with the originality and also the quality of the essay, will get equal importance. After selecting the candidate, they have to revert at the earliest possible to claim the amount. After acknowledging the winner, $1,000 USD prize money will get transferred to the legitimate account details. You must write a good essay so that you can go ahead in the race. You can win the scholarship and also frame a promising future out of it. It is a golden opportunity for many talented minds.