Why must you apply for Ian Mausner Grant?

Ian Mausner is very active when it comes to children-related charities and other activities. He is a board member of promises2kids and an advisory member to voices for children. And also, a board member of the San Diego new children’s museum. He is an active supporter of all these institutions. He makes sure that his entrepreneurial activities profit goes to charities. Before beginning his business activities, Ian Mausner started as JS Oliver Capital Management’s CEO in 2004. He worked in this position till the end of 2015. Before starting his firm, he was with Morgan Stanley, Montgomery Securities, and Kidder Peabody from 1985 till 2004. He acted as a financial advisor and money manager.

Ian Mausner is a philanthropist at heart

Ian Mausner runs a business in relationship consultancy and has guided several individuals. The individuals who have faced tough times during their divorce. Also, have struggled with a relationship and have found benefit while connecting with his institution. Ian Mausner contemplates the issues that couples face during their lifetime and strives to help them navigate these issues. He is the author of the bestselling book titled getting back on top: the uncensored guide to sex, dating, and relationship after divorce.

The Ian motion scholarship provides a generous grant of $1,000 USD for deserving and talented applicants. He plans to give away $50,000 USD of education grants to brilliant students who are pursuing higher education. However, the applicant has to provide a compact and original essay on the topic. What is the best enterprise idea you have?

The candidates must note the Ian Mausner grant eligibility requirements before they apply. By filling in the necessary details, they have to send the application along with the essay via email at info@ianmausnergrant.com. The final selection has its basis on performance and evaluation of composition and the authenticity of the details. The deadline for applying is 1stOctober 2021. For the Ian Mausner grant winner, you will get the declaration in 15thOctober of 2021.

Before applying for the scholarship, you have to give information regarding the following:

  • First and last name
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Mailing address
  • Scholar at a registered Institute
  • Graduation
  • Enrollment details of accredited or registered Institute, University, and college you are now enrolled in.

The selection process will be strictly based on the information provided during the application process. You will see that academic records, along with the originality and quality of the

essay, will get equal weightage. After the selection of the winner, an official mail will go to them. Moreover, the applicant must revert at the earliest for claiming the grant of $1,000 USD.

After the winner acknowledges the email, the prize money would go to the legitimate account details provided by the applicant. Keep in mind that Ian Mausner is a celebrated name in social work and children’s charity. Hence, these reasons highlight the significance of applying for this scholarship. He is a supportive figure involved in numerous charities that are associated with the welfare of children. Hence, the scholarship is a cornerstone in this regard.