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DEADLINE 1 : 1st November 2022

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Ian is very active in children related charities, including having been a board member of Promises2Kids, an Advisory Board Member to Voices For Children and a Board Member of the San Diego New Children’s Museum. Ian is currently an honorary lifetime Board member to the museum, is on the Advisory Board for Promises2Kids and remains a very active supporter of all 3 of these organizations, by making sure profits from his businesses go to these 3 children’s charities that Ian is very involved with. 


Previous to starting his various businesses, Ian started and was CEO of J.S. Oliver Capital Management from 2004 until the end of 2015. Prior to starting his own firm, Ian was with Morgan Stanley, Kidder Peabody and Montgomery Securities from 1985-2004 acting as a financial advisor and money manager and attaining Senior Managing Director and partner status. He built the largest business in the Private Client industry, generating in excess of $42 million in gross fees in 2000 with client assets in excess of $5 billion. 

Ian Mausner is truly a visionary and pragmatically-driven personality with aspirations of building a better world. His mission in life is to help the unfortunate, the distressed, and the underprivileged people around him. Ian is the pillar of support for many divorced couples. Moreover, he is the ray of hope for many young scholars and children. Ian Mausner has won lots of accolades for his charity work related to kids’ welfare and dedicated social service. The prestigious Ian Mausner Grant had been instituted by Mausner. Currentlyit is, held in high esteem. This grant is, usually, awarded to the most deserving candidate in terms of academic excellence. 

A Man with Multiple Skills & Interests​

Ian Mausner is an incredibly versatile and multi-faceted personality. He has been shinning like a star in many fields.  Moreover, he is a highly reputed dating activist, author, divorce, and relationship consultant. Ian is a luminary in the field of financial consulting and management. He is surely a celebrated name thanks to, his contribution to society as a divorce and relationship consultant. Moreover, Mausner has many feathers in his cap. Mausner is passionate about path-breaking technological leaps. He is an authority in long-term strategic consulting and offers his invaluable advisory services to startups through his organization Sunshine LLC. Mausner has been efficiently managing the Cryptocurrency Growth Fund. Moreover, Ian Mausner is known to be an active partner in the Vertical Opportunity Cannabis Fund.



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Ian Mausner

Financial Expert

The Man with a Big Heart

Ian Mausner is a philanthropist to the core and so he is dedicated to serving those people who are having issues due to financial crises. Ian has understood the critical importance of pursuing post-secondary education. He has always risen to the occasion to help out underprivileged students who have a record of excellence and deserve the grant. Mausner emphasizes the importance of pursuing higher education to achieve all your career goals, dreams, and aspirations. College education help in boosting the skills and knowledge of young minds. In the United States, college education proves to be quite expensive and scholars with an unstable financial condition could now avail the Ian Mausner grant provided he has an excellent academic record and dreams of achieving the height of glory through hard work, dedication, and higher education.

A Role Model for Everyone

Ian Mausner considers himself an idealist. He believes that the goals you set for yourself must be lofty, borderline impossible even. He believes that you can only drive yourself to achieve incredible success if you shoot for the stars in everything that you do. Ian has spent his life in relentless pursuit of knowledge, stopping at nothing to broaden his horizons and make the world a better place. It is with this goal in mind that he has established the Ian Mausner Grant, to assist a deserving candidate to reach out and start their own business. Ian has great respect for individuals with vision and drive, and appreciates those who demonstrate a never say die attitude when it comes to personal development.

A Philanthropist to the Core

Ian has run a business in relationship consultancy and has guided several individuals through rough divorces as well as rocky patches in their relationships. He understands the issues that couples run into during these processes and has striven to help them navigate these murky waters in a sane, cost-effective manner that sees them into single life successfully and happily. Mausner is the author of a bestselling book on Amazon titled “Getting Back on Top: The Uncensored Guide to Sex, Dating and Relationships after Divorce”. Ian is also heavily involved in charities concerning children.

Mausner is a celebrated name in the field of children’s charity and social work. He is a supportive figure and involved in numerous charities that are associated with children. Ian has been an active board member of Promises2Kids, an Advisory Board Member to Voices for Children, and also an honorary lifetime Board Member of the San Diego New Children’s Museum. He is very much interested and involved in the diverse child welfare activities of these reputed charity organizations. Mausner actively supports these charities by making heavy donations from his business profits.

Ian Mausner

Ian Mausner Grant Details

Ian Mausner has started this generous grant of $1,000 for the most talented and deserving applicant. Mausner has plans of giving away $50,000 of education grants to academically brilliant students pursuing higher studies to establish their careers. The applicants are required to write an original and compact essay on the topic, “What is the best enterprise idea you have?”

Please Note the Ian Mausner Grant Eligibility Requirements

Fill in accurately the necessary details and then send your application and the essay via email at info@ianmausnergrant.com  for final selection of the winner of the Ian Mausner grant.

  • The grant candidate may be a high school senior scholar currently registered in a reputed and accredited college, institution, or university.
  • The applicant may be a freshman, sophomore, or junior registered in a standard and accredited university or college.

The candidate must remember to submit the essay along with all necessary details to Ian Mausner via email at info@ianmausnergrant.com.

Ian Mausner Grant Instructions

Deadline: 1st October 2021

Ian Mausner Grant Winner Announcement: 15th October 2021

A formal email will be sent to the winner of the Ian Mausner grant and the results will be announced on 15th October 2021 at ianmausnergrant.com. You must remember to attach the essay to your email.

How to Apply

First Name/Last Name

Contact Number

Mailing Address

Email Address

Scholar at a Registered or Accredited Institute

Graduation (YYYY.MM.DD)

The accredited or registered institute, college, and university that you are now enrolled at

Your Current GPA:

Selection Procedure of the Ian Mausner Grant Winner

The selection process of Ian Mausner Grant is going to be pretty strict even though the application process is quite simple and hassle-free. Equal weightage would be given to your academic record and quality and originality of your essay. Once the winner has been selected, an official email would be sent to the lucky winner. The winning candidate must revert at the earliest to claim the grant amount of 1,000 USD. Once the winner acknowledges the email, the prize money of 1,000 USD would be sent to his legitimate account details at the earliest possible.


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