Ian Mausner on How You Can Stay Healthy and Well during COVID-19 and After

The corona pandemic and lockdown has turned the world upside down. With several months of lockdown and social distancing, you must stay home for keeping well. Health is wealth and the COVID-19 pandemic has proved it right. Whether you are working from home or commuting to the office 2-3 days a week, you need to take care of your health during the pandemic and after, thinks Ian Mausner, a financial advisor.

Washing hands thoroughly, wearing a mask and hand gloves, and maintaining distance are some of the things to consider at these troubles times. Read on to learn more.

Ian Mausner recommends eating at home

Many people are preparing home-cooked meals amid the pandemic. Then, did you know that food preparation and healthy eating are equally important before and after the pandemic? You need to simplify cooking chores amid work and domestic responsibilities to alleviate stress. Cook meals early in the morning before sitting in front of your laptop later in the day. Plan your meals. Think of east lunch that you can prepare fast without toiling too much in the kitchen.

Eat more green vegetables, soups, and salad. Include fruits, proteins, fish, and lean meat in your diet daily. When it comes to fruits, opt for citrus varieties to stay healthy during the COVID-19 crisis.

Ian Mausner Work out daily

You need to have a holistic approach to wellness and exercise. Working out is essential because most of the days you are working from and so leading a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise every day instead of thrice a day.

Ian Mausner likes to walk, jog, swim, or bicycle in the morning. If you are walking in a community park nearby, make sure you maintain distance from the others. Avoid visiting crowded parks though. You can exercise in your lawn or backyard for more safety.

Meditate at least 15-20 minutes in your room alone, away from distractions. Try some yoga too.

Find some me-time

When you are preparing meals at home, doing other household chores, and working from home, it is difficult to find some time for yourself. Easier said than done, but it is true. COVID-19 has affected people emotionally leading to stress, depression, and anxiety, besides the fear of contracting the deadly virus. Therefore, finding some me-time is essential.

You can read a book, paint, do gardening, take your dog for a walk, or listen to soulful music alone. This time is yours and so you need to try for staying happy and well. These activities will keep you busy so that you can avoid any negative thoughts. Avoiding stress is extremely important.  

Even work is good therapy for staying engaged. Even if you drink a cup of herbal tea in the morning alone watching the sunrise from your balcony, that is a relaxing experience for you. Watch a good series or some movies to keep you amused. Avoid watching COVID-related news all the time. These little things will work for you amid the crisis.


Keep these tips in mind to stay healthy and well amid the corona crisis and after. Talk you’re your friends and loved on phone to stay connected.

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